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Safety at Pinnacle Electrician Company is Paramount. We are committed to a culture of safety and safe practices. It is our goal to complete our projects without incident and to incorporate safety awareness into all of our operations. We continually reassess and improve our safety strategies and systems to ensure that our activities uphold the highest levels of safety performance.

At Pinnacle, we believe integrity is the practice of doing the right and honest action regardless of who may be watching. Whether it be filling out a time card correctly, or ensuring a drug and alcohol free work zone, all Pinnacle employees pledge to the value of integrity. 

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Pinnacle employees are passionate about being Pinnacle employees. Being a Pinnacle employees means commitment and dedication to the legacy of workers before themand the services that it provides to our neighbors, friends and family. Pinnacle employees are commited to completing the job safely and on time regardless of any obstacles that arise.